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teambuilding, team building, bangkok, thailand, team learning, team-learning
teambuilding, team building, bangkok, thailand, team learning, team-learning
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World Class Adventure Learning


As one of the premier adventure training providers in the region, FOCUS Adventure strives towards providing experiential learning programmes of the highest quality, and of reputable excellence by world standards.




Catalyst for Growth, Development & Change


We are committed to be a catalyst for personal, interpersonal and organisational growth and change. Through experiential learning, we unleash an individual’s potential, leading to greater self-awareness and self-confidence, thus creating dynamic synergy in a team and a robust working culture.






FOCUS Adventure believes that one maximises the learning experience when enjoying activities and having a good time. The FOCUS Adventure team consists of fun, professional individuals who are passionate about what they do and are always happy to inject fun elements into your learning programmes.





We encourage open communication and interaction. This creates a healthy learning and working environment that eventuates in lasting results. In addition, new knowledge is absorbed more easily and effectively through an open channel of communication.





We all know that life ain’t a smooth ride. Challenges stimulate one to go against all odds and grow stronger. FOCUS Adventure aims to build your inner strength so you can conquer any personal obstacles and emerge victorious as a team by giving you a challenging and adventurous experience.





We listen to and understand your needs to better assist in evaluating your objectives so that we can effectively customise a learning programme for you.





At FOCUS, all equipment and procedures comply with International Safety Standards. Rest assured that we will never compromise your safety at all times. Albeit the importance of having fun, safety always comes first.





Business Leaders


Multi-cultural Environment


Multi-sensory Experience






Every business environment poses its own unique  set of challenges. All our programmes present the team with such scenarios to  think and action through and to agree upon the ultimate solution. Our Facilitators are all prepared to change the activities for the programme if the  participants are geared up for more. We customised each moment to the right  challenge.




LEARNCENTIVES, our unique combination of a learning experience and an incentive trip, allows us to design, develop and deliver an intense, high impact programme that is guaranteed to create results. The overseas trip is no doubt already an incentive itself to the team who has put forth excellent performance in the organisation. We go the extra mile to transform this incentive trip into an impactful Leadership/ Teambuilding/ Innovation programme by integrating the unique cultural experience with extraordinary fun and exciting challenges. Our well-structured programmes would bring new results to what we call LEARNCENTIVES. FOCUS Adventure would take care of all your lodgings and travel plans.


Business Leaders


The competitive edge of our experiential learning programmes lies in our highly committed and energetic Facilitators. Our Facilitators are business leaders themselves too. Their scope of work in business management allows them to integrate real time experience and knowledge into professional debriefing sessions. As business leaders within FOCUS Adventure, they are all able to relate to client’s business needs and facilitate a useful and meaningful OD programme.


Multi-cultural Environment


Our Facilitators are able to deliver LEARNCENTIVE programmes anywhere around the world with you. They have traveled to different parts of the world to create new learning experiences for many corporate teams. Their experiences allow them to create new learning platforms and activities from the very culture of your destination.


Multi-sensory Experience


Our programme is a multi-sensory experience in itself. All our activities are designed in such a way that participants have to highlight the use of one sense over another such as visual, audio, smell, tactile and intellect to achieve a solution. All senses are engaged throughout the day. On top of this multi-sensory experience, we also make use of the latest multimedia equipment to capture the teams in actions.


Teams are able to see their behavior in the challenges and reflect upon them through a different perspective. When participants are fully engaged in the experience, their learning capabilities and capacities are fully stretched and maximized.

FOCUS on Objectives


Adventure-based Experiential Learning


Paradigm Shift






Our learning methodology is highly effective. The use of experiential learning tools engages individuals and Teams in challenges, simulating them to reflect upon these experiences critically, derive useful insight, and incorporate the results through a change in understanding and/or behavior to the workplace.

Coupled with state-of-the-art outdoor facilities, our programmes strive to pitch each corporate learning experience towards greater impact.



FOCUS on Objectives


While focusing on your programme objectives, we will pay attention to your team’s reaction to the recently implemented changes in your organisation.


Adventure-based Experiential Learning


Adults learn best when it is problem-cantered and action-oriented. The design of our activities ensures full participation and lessons are drawn from the learning experience.


Paradigm Shift


We aim to bring about radical changes and a shift in personal and organisational belief systems and culture through our programme.




Learning is transferred by linking the experience to actual work practices. All participants co-operate to ensure that worthwhile ideas and feedback during the programme be recorded, compiled and shared. Participants should be adequately informed of related follow-up actions and their outcomes. Meetings to review progress should also be scheduled.




Evaluation up to Level 3 based on Kirkpatrick’s Model can be conducted to measure the effectiveness of the programme and its impact on participants.





 – The FOCUS Adventure Methodology – Taking a Closer and Harder and Deeper Look.


FAPAE in short, forms the backbone to the FA Programme Template. The Methodology spells out the steps taken from PRE to POST programme. Each step can be further divided in sub steps to enhance and enrich the process.


Step One


FOCUS on Objectives


 – On receiving an Enquiry, the Objectives of the programme is narrowed down to Recreational / Educational / Developmental. Each programme design  again goes through scrutiny depending on clients articulated and implied Objectives . a Programme Proposal is then put together and sent to client. The feedback from Clients again is weaved into the programme Objectives. This results in a highly Customised programme that addresses OPTIONS. – Objectives, People, Timings, Investment, Other Considerations, New Ideas, and Sites. This Customisation is one of our USP CLBMM. For example Activities selected are matched to clients Objectives of say Values Internalisation.


Step Two


Adventure Based Experiential Learning


programme is then executed in a high energy, high impact programme that revolves around the Clients’ Objectives, Sometimes the programme maybe adapted or even changed completely as a result of responses from Participants  and weather conditions but the end all Objectives must be met through our Core Values of FOCUS – Fun Open Challenge Understanding Safety. Programme can also be supplemented by personality profiling and other tools. However these tools are weaved into action oriented and experiential and interactive activities.


Step Three


Paradigm Shifts


 – Through a series of Activities that are centred around LTI Leadership Teambuilding Innovation. A shift in paradigm occurs in the individuals and the Team. The TEAM realizes it is more effective to come together as a Team rather to work in silos. Better to communicate than to criticise  .. to turn Problems into Possibilities and turn  Obstacles in Opportunities. This Paradigm Shifts transforms the individuals’ mental models leading to a lasting internalisation.


Step Four


Application Centred


 – Each activities demonstrate and facilitates the LTI and programme Objectives.  However its important to allow Participants to draw on the experience and learn for themselves and how to apply in the Real World . Adventure Learning experiences are related to work place and how they can be applied. Participants make the effort to visualise how these “Learning” can be applied in their work place.


Step Five




 – There are 4 levels of Evaluation at the end of each programme

Level 1 Eval of the Experience itself.

Level 2 Eval of what can be Learned from the Experience.

Level 3 Eval of what Behaviours have changed from the Experience  and Learning

Level 4 Eval of what economic gains and ROI from the change in Behaviours.


We currently do level 1 Eval for all our clients.


Level 2 Upon request and is customised to eval what the client wants as Objectives.


Level 3 Requires a PRE and POST programme eval to measure the change “delta” .


Level 4 Eval is seldom done as there are many factors that goes into economic gains. But can be done.


These Evaluations are reported back to Organisers and Stakeholders  for them to relate back to their ROI.




Returns on Investment


Effective Productivity


Work Life Integration


Small Effort Big Results